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Maximising efficiency and brushing effect.


Designed for fast effevtive brushing, the Varibrush has four rows of brushes to maximise efficiency. It is essential to brush a synthetic surface on a regular basis in different directions to keep the infill mobile and to maintain consistent levels throughout the pitch.


The multiple brushing action of the Varibrush allows the required maintenance to be carried out with fewer passes, therefore reducing compaction. The Varibrush can be used on a wide variety of vehicles and has three mounting options available.

Varibrush Features & Benefits

  • Multiple brushing action means fewer passes required and therefore reduced compaction

  • Easy to handle and attach system

  • Adjustable drawbar for towing height and length

  • Reversible frame to allow for brush wear

  • Can be used to brush top dressings into surfaces quickly and evenly preventing excess material being left on the surface

  • Helps to maintain consistent infill levels throughout the pitch


Operators Instruction Manual

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