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Dual purpose system for unrivalled performance.

A dual purpose brushing system that is ideally suited to either a sand or rubber crumb maintenance programme.

Comprising of a pair of oscillating brush units, the OSCA 3 allows for periodic aggressive brushing to be undertaken to agitate the upper infill level helping reduce compaction, encourage fibres to stand upright and reduce the risk of contamination and surface water.

By switching off the pto, the brush system can be used as a conventional dragbrush for the more regular light brushing programme to help stand up the fibres and to move the infill around to create a level surface.

Moving the infill around through a brushing programme helps to minimise the threat of moss and algae.

Osca 3 Features & Benefits

  • Aggressive brushing action keeps infill mobile and prevents surface compaction and loss of porosity

  • Maintains infill level at a constant depth giving consistent playing characteristics

  • Helps to prevent fibre damage caused by reduced infill levels

  • Uses fewer passes than conventional dragbrushes causing less compaction

  • Disperses top dressing quickly and evenly preventing excess material being left on the surface

  • Storage frame ensures handling and fitting the system to tractor is simple and safe. It also helps to protect the system during movement and storage. Fitted with castor wheels

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Operators Instruction Manual

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