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The ES-860 is a 34" (860mm) battery powered mower and maintenance system using the latest lithium ion battery technology for maintaining football pitches, rugby pitches, cricket squares and outfields and ornamental lawns at private estates, universities, colleges and schools. The machine is fitted with a weather proof colour LCD programmable display and keypad which operates the machine and will feed back information to the operator including ground speed, battery charge level, instructions and much more. This can easily be updated and customised to suit individual customer requirements.

The interchangeable cassette system allows a variety of cassettes to be used for a number of various maintenance tasks including cutting, scarifying, verticutting, brushing and surface spiking. The cassettes are interchangeable between the ES-860 and the G860 (petrol version).

For clubs looking to use battery mowers for their football pitches or cricket squares, the E-Series range will help meet sustainability and environmental initiatives, minimise carbon footprint, emissions, running costs, HAV's and noise without any range anxiety.

ES860 Features & Benefits

  • User Friendly easy to use keypad controls

  • On screen usage data

  • Significant reduction in HAV

  • No need to store petrol on site

  • No fumes

  • No risk of contaminant fluid leaks

  • Full battery provides 5.76kwh

  • 3000watt (Rapid 2hr charge)

  • Full battery performance of > 40km / > 6hrs / approx 4 football pitches

  • Choice of 13 interchangeable cassettes

  • Easy to adjust height of cut control

  • Slow take up speed for smooth set off

  • Reverse setting

  • Front roller options (plain, weile & comb, brush)

Operators Instruction Manual

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